D&M Engineering - Structural, Mechanical & Piping Specialists 18 January 2021
245A Voortrekker Street, Jacobs
Durban, South Africa, 4052
+27 31 461 3307
8am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
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We value the role our workforce and our clients play in the success of our business, therefore we strive to strike a balance whereby "everybody wins". We are passionate about the development of our workforce, and we continuously support and encourage skills development within all the departments of our Organisation. Safety is the foundation of our business as we value human life, therefore we are continuously upgrading and improving our safety policies and procedures to meet International Standards.
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    • Our Safety Department ensures we track all incidents or near misses to improve our safety at all our work sites and we are proud that, for the past year there has been no First Aid ( FA) or Medical Treatment Cases ( MTC). Quality is the cornerstone of our business, therefore we constantly develop and upgrade our skills, to ensure we deliver work of a high quality to our clients. Our Q.C. department maintain a Quality Manual based on ISO9001 & ISO 3834 quality management systems. We are always pursuing sustainable ways to improve our services and reduce the carbon foot print, as we understand the responsibilities of our clients and us as a company to provide services that take into consideration the reduction of industrial pollution in order to protect our environment. We always undertake to meet our clients deadlines responsibly and deliver work of a high quality. Our pledge is to always try and provide Dedicated Men with Dedicated Minds to complete the Dedicated Mission on time all the time.


To become a leading service provider and reliable partner globally, meeting all of our clients structural, mechanical and piping project needs, responsibly , safely and timeously.


We intend achieving this through providing our clients with efficient, sustainable and quality services, from inception to completion, through our experienced workforce, which comprises of various professionals from within our discipline of engineering.


Hours worked injury free


Supplied staff per Project

Diameter in Inches of Erected Piping per Annum